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Investment Opportunities

Venezuela counts on attractive advantages to attract investments. A good dowry of natural resources, infrastructure over the Latin American standards, skilled labor, geographic location privileged and the company/signature in commercial agreements allow to count on a market beyond our borders.

Following the recommendations of the Conference of the United Nations for Comercio and Desarrollo (the UNCTAD), CONAPRI bets to the focalización of investments like the main strategy of pickup of investments. Thus, we adjusted only to the most beneficial opportunities for the national economy and the industrialists, without concerning its size.

In addition to the industry of hydrocarbons, the manufacture has the greater relative weight within Producto Interno Bruto (PIB) and the capacity to generate uses, that is to say, a market with spending power. If one considers the amount of companies by sector and the amplitude of his markets, the table is served in the following areas:

• Tourism

Natural Gas


Chemicals and petrochemicals


Food products

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