Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

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Info for Travellers

Required documents

Passport and a visa are required. During your stay in Venezuela you should always carry your passport on you which should be valid for a further six months. If required, please show your documents to officials.

Weather and Clothing

Venezuela is a tropical country, therefore, we recommend light garments but advise you include a jumper in case it becomes cooler. If you are planning to go to the Andes, don't forget a thick jacket and socks as temperatures can drop below 5 degrees at high altitude. The rainy season is from May to November.


Bs F. Bolívar Fuerte (bolívares fuertes- plural). The traveller can exchange foreign currencies (US dollars and Sterling - but we recommend you bring US$.) at the Bureau's du Change in most major cities and at the reception of most hotels. Credit cards are accepted atmain commercial outlets such as restaurants, shops and hotels, but only in the main cities and tourist centres.


Spanish is the official language. The use of native languages has official status for native peoples, and must be respected through out the territory of the Republic, as constituiting part of the cultural heritage of the Nation and humanity.


Venezuela and its islands have a 110v/60Hz cycle electric current. Adaptors for plugs can be bought in the UK.


Private medical services are good in most cases, however it is a good idea to acquire an international insurance policy. Many of these agencies have representatives in Venezuela and offer an excellent service in emergency situations during your trip.

Tap water is not drinkable. Avoid unwashed raw foods and undercooked meats, especially in rural areas.

A yellow fever vaccination is recommended for travel in more rural areas, but is not compulsory.

If you travel to the Amazon or the Plains, it is highly recommended to protect yourself against insects. Never forget sunscreen lotion, especially if you go to the beach and you are not used to the tropical sun.

Emergency Numbers

The Nationwide toll-free 24-hour emergency phone numbers include the following:

Police                                169
Traffic Police                     167
Fire                                    166
Police, Fire, Ambulance      171
Phone Directory Assistance 113

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