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The country is rich in agricultural, animal husbandry, fishing and forestry resources, which have always been a major source of social and economic development. With its enviable climate, two seasons (rainy and dry) and average temperature of 26°C, Venezuela is unquestionably a fertile land for business.

With its 2,598,000 hectares of arable land and an unvarying demand, the country offers an appetizing array of opportunities for investment in the food sector, either in the initial links in the chain (agriculture and agribusiness) or in the area of marketing. There is little foreign penetration in the latter sector and franchises stand out as an innovative model of local entrepreneurial endeavor.

Whereas exports are on the rise in Latin America in general, Venezuela is a great importer. This means that there are any number of niches that have not yet been filled; it is due to this that the state has become involved in areas such as production, imports and distribution of foodstuffs.

As part of the effort to foster this sector, commercial and universal banks are under the obligation to allocate a percentage of their loan portfolios to the agricultural sector. Additionally, there is a government program called Factory of Factories that funds the systematic establishment of new companies, leveraged by competitive advantages and the natural strong points of each region in the country, in order to supply specific markets

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