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Venezuela is slated to play an important role in the Latin American ICT industry; therefore any investment in this sector has great potential for success. The country’s geographical location, its good port infrastructure, and skilled labor force are all factors favoring access to foreign markets.

This sector has become a cross-section factor that directly affects all other areas of production. Nevertheless, capital is required for mass penetration in society. Available supply includes production, marketing and operation of computer equipment and programs, as well as services based on information and telecommunications technologies.

This activity can count on the backing of a legal framework that provides clear guidelines for development of the sector and by technology parks, making it an excellent niche for marketing pioneering technologies. In this field, the main business opportunities include outsourcing, web-platform based business, wireless networks and voice-over-IP services.

Venezuela owes its success in the field of ICT to a high quality service that is less expensive than in other countries. Moreover, the country has 82 national technical- and higher-education centers specializing in training skilled labor that is recognized internationally. Based on this, a number of companies are already offering services abroad that meet international quality standards.

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